Batterjee Paper Products Co. is a continuously growing company under the Batterjee Holding Co. that manufactures hygienic products such as wet wipes and disposable diapers for branded and private labels. BPP started its operation in 2012, producing 6 million (diaper & wet wipes) each month to cater the demand of the NUNU Brand for disposable diapers and wet wipes distributed within Saudi Arabia and all over the MENA region. In 2013, advance improvements and expanded efforts were initiated. With the state-of-the-art manufacturing operation in our production facility located in the Industrial City, Jeddah KSA, we insure to provide the marketplace with more premium quality wet wipes and disposable diapers and yet more affordable for the consumers. In addition to our cutting edge facility, we have staffed our operation with industry experts coming from different reputable companies.
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Watch how we help support the beautiful relationship that exists between a mother and her baby. Going by our motto "India's first pants, Mother's first choice", we make sure that our pant style diapers are safe and hygienic for your little one and that you as mothers are happy with what we have to offer. Here is a collection of some of our brand commercials.